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Setup, Manage, and Distribute Leads : View and Print Leads

View and Print Leads
Click Info Request in the left-hand navigation bar.
Click View/Edit Information Request Leads in the Information Request area. Info Request-View and Print Leads-InfoRequest.1.32.1.jpg
Complete the Filter Options area if desired. (The filter is set by default to show leads from today’s date.)
Leads where consumer information is authorized for release come from the Release Information check box on the Info Request screen. These leads are displayed by default on this filter.
Info Request-View and Print Leads-InfoRequest.1.32.2.jpg
Figure 4-13 Filter options
Click Refresh Listing (if filter options were selected in the step above)
If any leads match the selected filter options, the leads will display on the screen.
View the lead list on the screen or click Print Summary Listing or Print Detailed Listing to view and then select Print from your browser window.
Filter Options on Lead Management Screen
Consumer Name: Type the first characters of a consumer name
Interest Category: Blank – displays leads with any or no general interest category selected; Select from a pre-populated list that includes all available general interest categories.
Lead Delivery Status: Blank – displays all leads with any delivery status; Not Sent – displays only leads that have not been distributed; Completed Leads – displays only leads that have been distributed
Travel Leads: Blank – displays both travel and general interest leads; Show Only Leads containing Travel Dates – displays only the travel leads; Show Only Leads without Travel Dates – displays only the general interest leads
Request Date: Blank – displays all leads regardless of date entered; Select from two options to view leads that were entered on a particular date or within a range of dates. use today’s date OR Use a date range