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Table of Contents

Free mobile app for members
Free mobile app for staff
Mobile Staff App FAQs
Staff App Install and Upgrade FAQs
What are the mobile staff app requirements?
How do I upgrade to the Premium version of the mobile staff app?
I switched to the Premium mobile app on my Account screen, but my app is still saying I have the Free version. What can I do?
What features are in the Premium version of the app?
What is the cost to upgrade to the Premium version of the mobile staff app?
Is there a separate price to upgrade iOS devices and Android to the premium staff app?
Does the mobile staff app replace my website version?
What relationship does the staff app have to MyChamberApp?
If I upgrade to the premium staff app is it possible to cancel later?
Is the mobile staff app available on Blackberry?
Is the mobile staff app available for Windows phone?
Staff App General Features FAQs
If I modify my profile on the staff app, where is that being saved in the backoffice software?
Where are Jobs and News Releases in Task list?
What does ‘abc’ do/mean on the community feed post screen?
Should multiple staff be able to use the app simultaneously? Or use the app and the backoffice simultaneously?
What does the Region/State slider button do?
Staff App Event Features FAQs
What does the coloring mean on the list of events?
Does the search in events search within the event description?
How do you register an event attendee?
When adding an attendee to an event, why does it take me to the full online application sometimes and other times I’m able to add a name from within the app?
How do I delete an event attendee while in the app?
Why are certain events not displaying on my rep?
When is check-in available?
What benefit does check-in provide? Why should I care about check-in?
When is a billing transaction created when doing event “Check-in”?
Why cannot I not edit the payment screen once I’ve checked someone in and marked them as paid?
When receiving payment for an Invoice, how do I indicate that they paid the invoice by check or cash? I want to have it show in the Payment Method field in the backoffice.
What does the dollar bill icon mean when viewing an event guest list prior to the event?
What billing transactions are created when I mark a registrant as paid?
Why are some receipts and invoices hyperlinked and others not on my Event Guest List and Account tab?
Will the random prize winner ever pick the same registrant?
Does the app prioritize the random prize winners?
Staff App Member Directory FAQs
In the Member directory – is the distance measured from the organization location or from the device?
How is the list of events displayed on the Reps, listed as the “30 most current” events, determined?