Modify Payment Terms

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  1. Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Payment Terms in the Billing area.
  3. The current list of Payment Terms will display.
    1. To add a new Payment Term selection, click Add Payment Term. Type the name of the new term in the Name field (replacing –New Payment Term). Modify the Due Dates Offset if desired. Click Save Changes.
    2. To remove a Payment Term, click the x at the end of the row of the desired Payment Term to be removed.
    3. To rename a Payment Term, click within the Name or the Due Date Offset of the desired Payment Term. Make desired changes. Click Save Changes. Note: All previously recorded entries that used this Payment Term will now have the new Name and new Due Date Offset.
    4. To change the display order of the Payment Terms, click the Order drop down, and select the desired display order. Click Save Changes.
    5. To change the status of a Payment Term, click the Status drop down, and select the desired Status. Click Save Changes.

Changing Payment Term Status to Disabled will mark that Payment Term as a disabled Payment Term selection (will display in red) in the Billing module for new transactions. Previous transactions that used this Payment Term will continue to display this Payment Term but will also show in red.