November 2015 Release Notes

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November 11, 2015

This month's software updates include additions to current features, tweaks to the interface and maintenance items. Enhancements to SmartCMS (for those editing their website using SmartCMS website content management) are also included.

Staff Account Setup

  • When creating a new staff account under Setup->Employees/Reps, the Login Name, Password and the permission assignments will now only be set by opening the Permissions area. Previously these fields were on the Add a New Rep screen and under the Permissions section. Now these fields are accessible only under the Permissions section which mirrors how reps are handled in the Members->Reps area.


  • The Sales Stage field has been removed from the Member Benefit Report so that this report can continue to be sent to members to inform them of benefit usage but allow staff to use internal-use-only phrases in the Sales Stage field.


  • The Event reminder sign-up section can be removed from the Event details page if desired. Choose Display event reminder signup box on public event details page under Setup->Events Options and Settings in the Registration and Billing Preferences section to turn off. Powerpointicon.jpg

Membership Application

  • When setting up the membership application, you now have ability to leave both the Bill Me and the Credit Card options de-selected, so you can simply collect the membership application data but not have to require applicants to pick to be billed or enter a credit card. The Submit button is all that will be available to select at the bottom of the application. Especially helpful in cases where you have not defined the amount entirely on the application but would like to collect the application data.

Job Postings

  • Custom search attributes for job postings can now be set to display in the order desired. Under Setup->Job Posting Settings click on the add/edit custom search attributes. Drag and drop the attributes in the order desired. This will be the order displayed when searching or adding a new job posting for you and your members. Powerpointicon.jpg
  • When a staff person adds a job posting, geo-coding (the method used to encode the address for display on Google Maps) will be applied to the address just like it is applied to job postings created in the Member Information Center or from public submission. Geo-coding will also be performed again on Jobs that are edited by the member from the Member Information Center or by the staff in the back office database.

Displaying Reps Address Info

  • A new selection exists to allow a rep to display their own address on both the public and/or the MIC directory listing found on the Members-Reps tab in the Web Display Options and also in the Member Information Center under Personal Information->Display Preferences. Powerpointicon.jpg Note: you can also set this display setting as part of your defaults for when new reps are created. Do this under Setup->Define Default Rep Preferences.

Integrated Billing - Tweaks to Invoice Discounts

  • Individual Invoice discounts will now display on the Members->Account in the Transaction History and will show the Memo field entered as the line item description. Powerpointicon.jpg
  • The Invoice Discount Memo field can now optionally be shown to members to provide better description for what the discount is for. Turn on the new setting under Setup->Billing Options and Settings in the Appearance section. Powerpointicon.jpg Powerpointicon.jpg
  • The Member Information Center (MIC) now displays the Invoice Discounts so members understand that their invoice total has been reduced. Powerpointicon.jpg
  • The MIC Transaction History also contains more detailed info on the Discounts - optionally displaying the Memo field if the setting it turned on. (see above) Powerpointicon.jpg
  • Invoices and Statements will optionally display Memo field text and if not will display the word "Discount" along with appropriate identifying information. Powerpointicon.jpg Powerpointicon.jpg


  • If a non-member (guest) or member uses the Forgot Password selection on the eCommerce screens, the final screen will bring this user back to the eCommerce login screen instead of back to the Member Information Center login screen.

Member Information Center

  • Custom terminology entered under Setup->Hot Deal Settings for Hot Deals and Member to Member Deals will now display as the menu title in the Member Information Center (MIC) in the left-hand navigation and all other locations through the MIC. If any custom terminology exists for Jobs or News Releases those will also display in all appropriate locations in the MIC. Note: there is not a location in the database to specify the custom terminology for Jobs or News Releases at this time but it can be entered for you by contacting with your custom terminology.


  • SCMS Rep Permissions are now available to assign specific reps access to edit SCMS website(s). This includes assigning editing permissions for multiple websites, within your database.
  • An enhancement to the Slider Title Feature for Moses, Adams, and Rockwell themes. A caption title can now be added alone, without a caption.
  • When adding a hyperlink in the Text Editor, the hyperlink is retained when it is added to text or an image.
  • The Menu box has a button name change. What used to be ‘Add Page’ is now, ‘Add Menu Item’. The same Menu Items are available when clicking the ‘Add Menu Item’ button: New Page, Dropdown Item,

Module and External Link. Powerpointicon.jpg

eCommerce Checkout Cart

  • Security updates were applied to the checkout cart that is used with eCommerce for customers using Authorize.Net AIM and PayPal Website Payments Pro credit card processing solutions. When viewing the transaction status of your Unsettled transactions in your credit card processor portal, you may notice that ecommerce transactions will initially display as Authorized/Pending Capture for the few seconds after the customer submits their payment information but then will automatically be switched to Captured/Pending Settlement after the customer clicks the Confirm button. No action is required on your end. Note: if your account is set to Authorize Only, then no difference will be noted.