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Click Reports in the left-hand menu.
Type “engagement” in the Report Finder Search field. Click Search.
Click the green arrow in the Reports window to the right of the Member Engagement (At Risk).
Make any desired selections to the filter options. Note: select the date range for which you wish to view activity. The default is for the past 365 days.
Adjust the factors as desired by clicking adjust factors.
Point values of your choosing, including a value of 0 (zero) if desired, may be given to each of these items. The same point values awarded to the Most Active items also apply to the At Risk items.
Reports and Downloads-Run the At Risk report-ReportsGuide.1.15.1.jpg
Figure 2-4c Engagement Factors
Click Refresh Report.
Reports and Downloads-Run the At Risk report-ReportsGuide.1.15.2.jpg
Figure 2-4d Sample Member Engagement (At Risk) report
View, print, or download the most active members identified based on the highest Factor Total.