Send Email Invitations for an Event

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On the Guest List tab, click Create Invitations in the Guest List Summary area.
Send Invitations.jpg
Figure 5-1Add New Invitations
Select the attendees that should receive invitations using one or more selections available under Add Invitees, Add Members, or Add Representatives. Repeat until your invitee list is complete.
Invitee List.jpg
Figure 5-2 Add invitees to list
Click Continue.
Complete the Send an Email invitation screen.
Using the Add Database Field database field icon icon, you may wish to personalize the invitations by inserting their name.
Invitees that already appear on the Guest List will automatically be marked with an asterisk and may be removed by clicking Remove to avoid accidental duplication of these invitees on the participant list.remove
Saving the email invitation using the save save icon icon is recommended so that you can resend these invitations at a later date if desired.
Click Send Email Now.
If this invitation will also be mailed to invitees, you may want to print the invitation at this time using the Print print icon icon.