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Get Started with an Overview

If you've never seen or used GrowthZone/ChamberMaster before start off with a general overview to get an understanding of what it is and what it can do.

Setup your Computer

Next thing to do is to make sure your computer won't give you any trouble when working in the database.

Review the data that has been imported (applies to new conversions)

Now that you're ready to use the system the next step is to review the imported data.

  • Spot check about 20 - 30 of your members. Look at all the tabs of information in the Members area to make sure everything was imported properly; i.e., General, Reps, Web, Communication, Account, etc.
  • If your billing history was imported, please make sure to look at the Account tab thoroughly to be sure all invoices and payments were imported properly
  • A few other areas of interest you may want to double check: Groups, Business Descriptions, Notes/Comments, Membership Fees, Custom Fields, Drop Dates and Reasons

If you find any issues, errors, or have questions on the data import contact your account manager and provide specific details.

Administrator Setup (For database Administrator)

After reviewing your database it's time to do some database Setup.

Integrated Billing (For Finance/Administrator)

  1. Watch “Billing I: Getting Started” webinar Vid.png
  2. Review or setup these items:
    1. Chart of Accounts
    2. Fee Items - Make sure your fee items are assigned to the correct Income Account, Fee Item Type, and Collection Basis. See Modify or Create Fees and Dues Items
  3. Watch “Billing II: Day to Day Activities” webinar Vid.png

Credit Card Setup (Optional)

Note: Requires Plus Edition or greater

Starting Out (For All Staff)