Setup and Processing Online Credit Card Payments for Membership Applications

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The online membership application may be setup to receive the initial membership payment when an online membership application form is submitted.
This feature is only available to those with Plus edition or greater. See Credit Card Processing for details on setting up online credit card processing.

Turn on Credit Card as a Payment Method for Online Membership Applications

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Define Membership Packages.
  3. Ensure that you have membership packages defined.
  4. Click to select Accept Credit Card Payments.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: This will then show a new selection at the bottom of your online application where prospective members may submit the online form and their initial payment using their credit card.

Receiving Credit Card Payment for Online Membership Applications

  1. When new online membership applications are received, the Task List item Mbr Signups count will increase.
  2. Click Mbr Signups to view the incoming application.
  3. Click the Member Name and view the Billing Status field to see that the “Member paid by credit card.” and the “Transaction Successful” message.
    Note: “Credit Card information was not entered” indicates that the card was not processed most likely because the applicant did not complete the credit card checkout screen.
  4. Click Billing in the left-hand menu and select the Credit Card Listing report from the Reports tab and view the Credit Card Listing report to ensure that the credit card transaction was successful.
    Note: You may wish to copy the Txn ID and CM Ref ID numbers to include on your receipt or payment that you will create for this transaction.
  5. Return to the application by clicking Mbr Signups in the Task List.
  6. Click the Action drop-down arrow on the name of the desired member to approve.
  7. Click Approve.
    If you desire to have a Receipt created for this transaction, click Create Receipt Only or Approve/Create Receipt and then click Save. This will display the Receipts tab from the Billing module where you may create, print, and save your receipt. Then you may return to Mbr Signups to Approve if needed. If you’d rather have a paid invoice instead of a receipt, an invoice and separate payment must be received manually at the end of these steps.
    Note: When creating the receipt (or payment) you may want to place the Txn ID or Ref ID in the Reference number of Memo fields.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Return to Mbr Payments in the Task List and select Completed from the Status drop-down list.

This prospective member has now been changed to Active status.

If you desire a paid invoice for this credit card transaction instead of a receipt, manually create an invoice and payment for this transaction. You may want to place the Txn ID or Ref ID from the credit card listing report in the Reference number of Memo fields.

And don’t forget to assign their recurring fees and dues for next year on the Members Account tab.