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Training Videos are anywhere from 15-60 minutes in length. Many of the accompanying PDF slideshows also contain links to short 2-3 minute videos.
Live webinars are offered regularly as well. View the Webinar Calendar

1. Overview of the Software

Vid.png Description: New to ChamberMaster or MemberZone? Need a refresher on how to use your database? Are you a Chamber Exec or Association President with a desire to understand the resources available in your software? Hear highlights of the Events, Job Postings, Hot Deals, News Releases, MarketSpace and Information Request modules. Learn of the tools available for getting assistance with your software. Receive step-by-step instructions to ensure your browser software has proper selections for optimal operation. A "must-attend" for all staff. Length: ~40 minutes

2. Essential - Member Management Basics

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Learn how to create new members, drop members and manage existing members. Also addressed is sending an email and the Member Information Center. This session covers the Members module in detail. A "must-attend" for all office staff. Length: ~45 minutes

3. Essential - Administrator Training

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Learn how to how to configure ChamberMaster/MemberZone for your Chamber or Association use. Attendees will be shown how to update organization information, add or change staff logins and passwords, and the setup and use of the online member application. See how to modify your business categories and membership types. A "must-attend" for administrators of ChamberMaster/MemberZone. Length: ~35minutes

4. Intro to Communication & Groups

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Need to create mailing labels, send emails or letters? Learn how to send emails and letters, search communication history, use the correspondence editor, create signature block, use mail merge feature, send attachments, and create and work with groups/mailing lists. Length: ~60 minutes

5. Intro to Reports

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Get the most out of your membership data. Understand how to view and print common membership reports, create custom reports, discover the ease of downloading data and view your most engaged members. Length: ~60 minutes

6. Events: An Overview

Vid.png Description: This recorded workshop takes you through the Events module. Recorded October 2015. Length: ~45 minutes.

7. Essential - Billing I: Getting Started

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Do you need to get started with the integrated Billing module? Learn how to setup your Chart of Accounts, fee items. Setup custom customer messages, payment terms, payment methods, credit card defaults and set system-wide defaults. Transaction Classes and sales tax is explained in the PDF. (Note: this training is not intended for those using the CQI integration) Length: ~30 minutes.

8. Essential - Billing II: Day to Day Activities

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: An overview of the daily activity as it relates to billing: creating invoices, posting payments, issuing credits, running reports, etc. Includes information on what the difference is between a payment and a receipt as well as when to use credits, discounts and write-offs. (Note: this training is not intended for those using the CQI integration) Length: ~60 minutes.

9. Billing Export:

Export to QuickBooks Vid.png
Export to QuickBooks Online Vid.png
Export to PeachTree Vid.png
Description: Videos for any staff member that will work with the native integrated Billing module and will be exporting their transactions to a 3rd party accounting program. Length: ~10 minutes

10. Marketing Package

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Customers with Premier or Pro edition or those that have added the Marketing Package module* to your software will have options for supplemental non-dues revenue by allowing staff to sell enhanced member listings and banner ads on your website. The Marketing Package provides a seamless integration with the Members module allowing for these options to be set and adjusted for each member and immediately display on your website.

11. Intro to Info Request

Vid.png Pdf icon.pngDescription: Hear an overview of Info Request module, setup publications and emails to be distributed to consumers, create and manage lead list groups, distribute general interest and travel leads, and print labels for requested publications. Length: ~50 minutes

12. Intro to Jobs & Hot Deals

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Learn how to add and edit Job Postings and Hot Deals, view them from a members' and consumers' perspective, edit job categories, and charge for postings if desired. Posting these to Twitter and Facebook will be shown. Length: ~60 minutes

13. Membership Applications

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: A membership application is provided that may be custom tailored by you through menu-driven selections, and then integrated with your website so that applicants may complete the form online. Learn how to setup and process the integrated membership application form. Length: ~60 minutes

14. Intro to SmartCMS

Vid.png Description: Learn how to setup and maintain your SmartCMS website.

15. Intro to LiveEdit

Vid.png Pdf icon.png Description: Learn how to update and edit your website when using the LiveEdit Content Management System, available to those that have purchased the LiveEdit CMS with their software. Length: ~60 minutes

16. MarketSpace and Task Reminder Updates

Vid.png Description: Update May 2014: RealMatch is no longer an option in the software. Get a first-hand look at the new features added to ChamberMaster on May 1, 2011. Topics include: Using new RealMatch job posting option, posting items with MarketSpace, tracking communication and reminders along with several other new features. Get a preview of individual Rep Logins that is in beta test now. RealMatch – starts at ~4:22; MarketSpace at ~25 min; Task Reminders at ~40 min; and Rep Logins at ~52 min.

17. Plus Features

Vid.png Description: Are you interested in learning more about the Plus Edition? Are you already on Plus, but want to make sure you are using all the features? This webinar demonstrates features specifically available in our Plus edition such as Credit card processing, Social Networking options, Plus-only web modules such as Member to Member Hot Deals, News Releases, Member Map, and Information Request.

18. Member Information Center (MIC)

Vid.png Description: The Member Information Center is the place where your members connect with you and each other. This tutorial goes over the basics you need to get started.

19. Aurora CMS 101

Vid.png Description: For users of the Aurora LiveEdit CMS

20. Aurora LiveEdit CMS 102

Vid.png Description: For users of the Aurora LiveEdit CMS. Length: ~38 minutes

21. Mobile Apps: MemberPlus and Staff App

Vid.png Description: A 20 minute tutorial on how to use the ChamberMaster/MemberZone Staff app and MemberPlus apps

22. Credit Card Processing

Vid.png Description: A 16 minute tutorial on how credit card processing works. (Not available with all editions)

23. Marketing and Revenue Generation

Vid.png Description: A 36 minute workshop going over the many marketing and revenue generation tool available in the software.