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Event Fees and Billing : Assign Event Fees

Assign Event Fees
Once created, fees may be assigned to an event. If desired, multiple fees may be assigned to one event giving the ability to have separate pricing for members and non-members, pricing for sponsors, or any desired additional fee item.
Assigning event registration fees may be done during creation of a new event by selecting Assign Fee Items on Step 3 of 3 or after creation on the Fees tab. When assigning fees after creation, event registration fees and additional fees items may both be assigned. Steps outlined below will specifically address assigning fees after creation but the same concepts can be applied to assigning fees during creation.
Assign fee items - add wizard
Figure 3-4 During creation
Only one event registration fee may be selected per registrant. One or more additional fee items may be selected per registrant.
Assign fee items - fees tab
Figure 3-5 After creation