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Maintaining the Events calendar : Working with the Calendar tab : Event Calendar Filters

Event Calendar Filters
Approved: chamber employees have approved this event; displays on all designated calendars
Pending: an event submitted by a chamber member but waiting approval from a chamber employee
Disabled: an event that may or may not be current but will not be displayed on the public calendar; used to temporarily disable an event
Visibility: Select Internal Chamber Calendar, Chamber calendar, Public calendar, or Members calendar
Internal Chamber Event Calendar – When this option is checked the event can be filtered separately on the internal calendar system when you go to Events > Calendar tab and click on filter options.
Display on Public Events Calendar – When this option is checked the event will display on the website’s calendar as well as the upcoming events list. This option must be selected in order for the event to show on your public website.
Display on Members Only Calendar – When this option is checked the event will display on the Member Information Center (Members Portal) after they log in. This option must be checked for the event to show on the members’ calendar in the Member Center.
Display on Featured Events – This option allows for this event to be listed as a featured event on the featured events list.
Category: Select from all event categories
Location: Select from all locations (if applicable)
Keyword: Keyword must be a single word. Multiple single words may be specified which returns all events with either word. For example, keywords ski swap will display all events with ski OR swap in the title or description.