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The Billing section is designed to assist in the setup and daily activities of staff/employees who use the Integrated Billing solution. Note: This this section is not intended for those using the legacy CQI integration.

  • Accounting Basics  
  • Accounting Best Practices  

Overview Videos

  • Billing I: Getting Started    
Description: Do you need to get started with the Billing module? Learn how to setup your Chart of Accounts, fee items, and Sales Tax. Setup custom customer messages, payment terms, payment methods, and set system-wide defaults. (NOTE: this training is not intended for those using the legacy CQI integration) Length: ~15 minutes.
  • Billing II: Day to Day Activities    
Description: An overview of the daily activity as it relates to billing: creating invoices, posting payments, issuing credits, running reports, etc. Includes information on what the difference is between a payment and a receipt as well as when to use credits, discounts and write-offs. (NOTE: this training is not intended for those using the legacy CQI integration) Length: ~15 minutes.


Billing Help Topics

This section provides staff with the details on setting up the selections required for using the Billing module.
Provides a foundation for delivering statements and accessing the multitude of reports available.
Explains the steps required to create the regular invoices for membership - annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and/or monthly invoices.
Contains steps and tips for receiving payment, crating sales receipts, applying credits, and making deposits. Write-offs and Discounts are also covered.
Explains options for printing pre-defined or self-defined letters to specific members based on your own set of criteria.
Explains how to bill individuals within a Group.
Contains steps for setting up Event fees and creating event invoices.
Explains steps to implement credit card payment into event registrations, online membership applications, and member bill pay.
Will explain the initial items to check, how to run a trial export, and give tips and instruction for exporting on a regular basis.