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Once email recipients are selected in ChamberMaster/GrowthZone, there are two methods of sending the email.

  1. Using ChamberMaster/GrowthZone's built in email tool.
  2. Using Microsoft Outlook (if installed on your computer).
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Depending on your needs, you may choose to send some email directly from ChamberMaster/GrowthZone and some from Microsoft Outlook. Each method has its own strengths.

Advantages to Sending Email with ChamberMaster/GrowthZone

  • Easy access if already logged in
  • Gives access to current addresses in your database
  • Ability to create “mail merge” emails
  • Ability to embed attachments as links
  • Ability to use templates
  • Ability to schedule the email for future delivery (for users of the Plus edition or greater)

Advantages to Sending Email with Outlook

  • Access to additional email addresses not in your database
  • May add additional CCs and BCCs
  • Familiarity

Both methods of sending email will record in the Communication History. See Recording Communication History for more information.

Note: This selection will open whatever the email program is set as the default for your web browser. Whatever email program opens when you click on a “mailto” link is the email program that will be used when you click Email with Outlook.