How is the "Contact Preference" Field Used on the Reps Tab?

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After selecting the desired preference on the Members’ Reps tab, this preference is used when sending communication using the choice under Communication > Form Letters.

If selecting the Distribute by Preferred Communication Type, then as you continue on and create your communication (email, letter, fax) to the rep, the appropriate output will be created for each selected rep. See “Sending Communication by Contact Preference”

  • No Communication preference will eliminate that rep from being included on the email, letter, or fax output being generated. (when using Communication->Form Letters with Distribute by Preferred Communication Type). Setting their preference to "No Communication" will not affect other locations in the software for communicating.
  • Setting the preference to "Phone preference" will also eliminate the rep from being included on the email, letter, or fax output. If you need to call these reps, you may wish to create a custom representative report that lists the reps sorted by their Contact Preference and also display their phone number
  • Note that Members do not have a preference that can be selected for them; their preference is determined by what is available on their General tab. If they have an email address listed on the General tab, email will be their default preference. If no email address is available, then if a mailing address is available, Mail will be the preference And finally if no email address or mailing address, then Fax will be their preference.
  • Preferences are determined based on how you select your recipients. When selecting recipients by choosing from the Add Members section, it will look at the Member preference. When selecting recipients by choosing from the Add Reps section, the system will look at the preference under Members->Reps.