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Once your credit card credentials have been setup and Member Bill Pay is enabled, members will be able to pay their bills online in their Member Information Center (MIC) when they login.

Steps for Members to Pay a Bill Online

  1. The member needs to first, login to their Member Information Center (MIC)
  2. In the upper right they will see a box with their Account Balance They can then click Pay
  3. Next they need to select the which invoice(s) to pay.
    If the invoice they wish to pay is not listed they can click Make an additional payment and enter in the amount and any details about that payment.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. A summary screen will appear allowing the user to remove any items they don't want to pay for from their checkout cart.
  6. Click Checkout.
  7. Complete the credit card checkout screen, select to agree to the payment terms (if applicable) and click Checkout.
  8. A confirmation screen will appear. The email address entered on the credit card information screen will receive an email with the confirmation information as well. If you have notifications enabled for a specific staff person to be notified when a member bill pay is done your selected staff members will receive an email as well.

Record a payment made using 'Make Additional Payment'

When a member pays but does not select an invoice the payment will be received but not automatically recorded. Follow the steps below to record this payment.

  1. Click Mbr Payments in the Task List to view the incoming payment.
  2. Go to Billing and open the Billing Center tab.
  3. Select the member who made the payment
  4. Create the appropriate payment or sales receipt for this transaction.
    When you select payment method do not click capture payment - the payment has already been captured
  5. Return to Mbr Payments in the Task List and change the status of that payment to Completed