Setting up Fee Items for Event Registration that Include Multiple Attendees

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1. From the Fees tab click Assign Fee Items

Mult attendees1.png
Figure 1: Assign Event Fee Item

2. Create the necessary fee item by:

a. Select appropriate fee item previously set up in the Setup area of your database
b. Enter desired name
c. Enter desired description
d. Enter fee amount
e.Designate whether or not the fee item is available to members, non-members, or both
f. Make available for the public registration area
Expand the Advanced Options area
g. Enter number of registrations the fee includes
h. Enable the system to automatically reserve the designated spots even if attendee name information is not entered. With this selection in place, the guest list will be populated with the total number of attendees.
Remove the checkmark in order to limit the number of attendees that can be added to the purchase of the fee item without automatically placing any additional attendees on the guest list. This selection will not populate any attendees on the guest list, unless added by the registrant, but will limit the total before forcing the purchase of another fee item.
i. Click Save & Exit

Mult attendees2.png
Figure 2: Create Event Fee Item