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What does the coloring mean on the list of events?

  • The dark bar on the left side of the event indicates this event is marked with Members Only visibility.
  • When the event is entirely shaded, the event has been marked as a Featured event.

These visibility choices are selected on the event in the backoffice software under Events > General tab in the Placement Options section.

Does the search in events search within the event description?

No. The search bar within the event listing area only searches by title.

How do you register an event attendee?

When viewing the event detail and attendee list, tap the "Add" button (a plus symbol) in the upper right hand corner.

When adding an attendee to an event, why does it take me to the full online application sometimes and other times I’m able to add a name from within the app?

If fees are being charged for an event, the full online registration will always display so that proper discounts and member pricing may be applied. If the event doesn’t have fees associated, then you can use the selections to quickly add an attendee and only use the full online registration form if you’d like. Note: Custom registration fields are only available if completing the full online registration.

How do I delete an event attendee while in the app?

On the iOS app, slide to the left and click Delete, which will then ask for your confirmation. On the Android, there is not an option to delete an attendee.

Deleting attendees is not recommended in most cases. Typically you’ll want to mark the attendee as Cancelled and/or Refund their payment if applicable. Deleting the attendees removes all reference to this attendee but instead handling their cancellation will provide a method to track what happened later on.

Why are certain events not displaying as registered for my rep?

Events that are registered using the Member name (with a Rep name simply typed on the registration) will not display on the reps account. For events to display for the rep, the rep name must be selected when doing the registration or specifically associated with that rep after registration.

When is check-in available?

Check-in is available all day on the day of the event. But you may accept payment any time prior to the day of the event using the app.

What benefit does check-in provide? Why should I care about check-in?

  • Check-in on the app will mark your guests as “actual attendees” in your backoffice software. The selection “view/edit attendance list” on the Guest List tab is where you will see the attendees being marked off when listed as “Attending” on the app.
  • If using the Premium app, check-in will also give the ability to modify the payment type and record payments received which in turn create the appropriate transaction in your backoffice software. (Integrated Billing). Those with the CQI implementation will have transactions created as well, matching how it functions in the backoffice.
  • In addition, the Random Prize selector (requires the Premium app) will give those registrants marked as “checked-in” priority over those simply “registered.”

When is a billing transaction created when doing event “Check-in”?

Only when a registrant is marked as Paid will there be any possible billing transaction created. Setting the Payment Type alone does not create a transaction.

Why can’t I edit the payment screen once I’ve checked someone in and marked them as paid?

At this time, there is not an ability to edit the check-in information from the app to maintain the best integrity of the data. Feel free to login to the backoffice software to perform any tasks that would’ve typically been available after marking a registrant as paid.

When receiving payment for an Invoice, how do I indicate that they paid the invoice by check or cash? I want to have it show in the Payment Method field in the backoffice.

At this time you would need to go back to the specific payment in the backoffice and select the different payment method. Currently the app is selecting the first payment method on your list of Payment Method options. We are considering changes to handle this differently in a future release.

Any notes added to the Comments will appear on the event registration comments. Or if you modify or add to the Reference # field, that will display as the reference # for that invoice.

What does the dollar bill icon mean when viewing an event guest list prior to the event?

This means that this registrant has fees assigned that are marked Unpaid. Users of the Premium app will be able to mark a registrant as paid and create billing transactions by clicking the dollar bill.

What billing transactions are created when I mark a registrant as paid?

Integrated Billing users:

  • Credit Card marked paid: Creates a Sales Receipt or an Invoice and Payment according to the selection you have set on the Event under Fees > Registration and Billing Preferences.
  • Invoice marked paid (invoice already created): Creates a Payment that is applied to the Invoice.
  • Invoice marked paid (invoice not previously created): Creates both the invoice and applied payment.
  • Cash/Check marked paid: Creates a Sales Receipt

CQI (legacy) users:

  • Credit card marked paid: Adds a Sales Receipt or an Invoice and Payment to your QB Invoices Task List according to the selection you have set on the Event under Fees > Registration and Billing Preferences.
  • Invoice marked paid (invoice already created): Does not create a billing transaction. This mirrors how it already works in the backoffice software. Payments must be created in QuickBooks.
  • Invoice marked paid (invoice not already created): If an invoice has not been created yet in the backoffice software, the app will not allow you to mark the invoice as paid. Create the invoice first before accepting payment on the app. Or else change the Payment Type to Cash or Credit Card.
  • Cash/Check marked paid: Does not create a billing transaction. This mirrors how it already works in the backoffice software. Payments must be created in QuickBooks.

Summary: For CQI users, credit card payment is the only option that will mark a billing transaction to be created.

Why are some receipts and invoices hyperlinked and others not on my Event Guest List and Account tab?

In the backoffice software on the Guest List tab: if paid by credit card, these are not hyperlinked. Payment by cash or check will typically show the invoice or receipt as hyperlinked.

Will the random prize winner ever pick the same registrant?

If you stay on the screen and continue selecting winners, no, it will not pick the same person and will give a message “All Attendees have received a prize” after selecting each registrant once. However, if you leave the screen (e.g. go tap on the Dashboard or another event) it will start over.

Does the app prioritize the random prize winners?

The app will select random winners of all those that have checked into the event first, then once those attendees have been all picked, it will then select all other attendees until they have all been selected.