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December 2015

SmartCMS has a new feature this month to help you maintain your SmartCMS website. Look for the 'Edit Website' button appearing in the upper right hand-corner of your database to know if these updates apply to you. SmartCMS has a new Image Editor feature available for all editions. No more 3rd party tools to size your images!

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November 2015

Updates include additions to current features, tweaks to the interface and maintenance items. Enhancements to SmartCMS (for those editing their website using SmartCMS website content management) are also included.

November 2015 Release Notes

October 2015

Updates include some additions to current features, tweaks to the interface and maintenance items.

October 2015 Release Notes

September 2015

April 2015

  • Send your association's financial transactions to QuickBooks Online using our new export option. (For Editions with Billing)
  • A new predefined communication template is available to assist in communicating when you have updated your Member Information Center from v1 or v3 to the latest version 4.
  • Proactive changes to our hosted websites to ensure they meet Google's “mobile friendly” guidelines.
  • More updates and fixes

March 2015

  • Increased control and flexibility in managing your Board of Directors or Committee web page
  • Make mass emails and letters more personal by adding Custom Rep Fields
  • Upgrades to the look and feel of Project/Task Manager (beta) (Pro Edition only)
  • More updates

February 2015

  • Set defaults for Rep Preferences
  • QuickBooks Online - Journal Entry Export available
  • More updates

January 2015

  • Enter Email Opt-Out requests on behalf of your members
  • Make payment to MicroNet from within your database
  • January 2015 Release Notes