Creating Rep Login/Password

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How to send the "create account" email invitation to reps.

When Are Rep Logins and Passwords Created?

Using the pre-defined email template “Create Login Account Invitation” (or one created by you), your representatives will be able to create their own login account and immediately access the Member Information Center. This should be done when you first get your database and are ready for members to start logging in. It can also be done at any time that you desire to encourage more reps to create their personal account.
Any rep may have a login and password created they are added to the Reps tab. You may create a login for them right there or there is a link to send them an invitation (recommended).
Members that have Read/Write permissions to Employees/Reps have the ability to add a new representative to their membership list. At the completion of creating a rep, there is an opportunity to send an email invitation to this rep so they can create their own login account.