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Table of Contents

Info Request
Information Request Setup
Basic Setup
General Interest Setup
Add a General Interest option
Edit existing General Interest options
Delete a General Interest option
Disable a General Interest option
Enable a General Interest option
Trip Purpose options setup
Add a new Trip Purpose
Edit a Trip Purpose
Info Request-Remove a Trip Purpose
Remove a Trip Purpose
Referred by options setup
Add a Referred by option
Edit existing Referred by options
Delete a Referred by option
Disable a Referred by option
Enable a Referred by option
Entering Information Requests
Setup, Manage, and Distribute Leads
Setup Lead List Groups
Create a general interest or travel lead group
Add members to a lead list group
Associate a group with a general interest
Remove a group from an associated interest
Designate a group as a travel lead list group
Remove a designated group from the travel lead list
Dsignate a travel lead group to receive Instant Travel Leads
Manage Leads
View and Print Leads
Distribute Leads
Publications and Emails
Setup Publications and Emails
Setup a new publication or email
Edit the publication or email information
Disable (remove) a publication or email from the public website
Remove a publication or email from both the public website and Info Request screen
Reinstate a disabled publication or email on the public website
Distribute Publications
Print pending publication mailing labels
View/print a listed of delivered publications (in order to subtract from online inventory)
Record the publication delivery method and subtract from online inventory
Print a publication distribution report
Manually print a single label and subtract publication from online inventory
Record mass distribution of a publication
Modify Delivery Methods
Info Request Reports
Public Information Request hits
Brochure and Publication hits
Inquiry Referrals
Publication Distribution