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Manage Your Members

Manage your Members - Overview

Accessing and navigating the Members module

How to Add, Drop, Merge Members

Add New Member

Find a Member

Edit Member Information

How to edit member contact information

Edit Billing contact

Change a Selected Rep

Modify Billing Renewal Month

Modify Created Date

Modify Established Date

Edit Fees and Dues

Edit File by Name

Edit Join Date

Modify Member Login name and Password

Modify Member Representatives

Change Membership Status

Change Modified Date

Edit Web Display Information

Drop a Member

Reinstate / Re-activate a member

Merge Members

Custom Fields

Community Member

Manage Representatives

Add a New Rep

Modify Contact Information for a Rep

Reassign Rep

Remove/Inactivate a Rep

Add custom fields for a rep

Send email to rep(s)

Print label for a representative

Web Display Options for a rep

Set Default Web Display Options for Reps

Modify Group Participation

Impersonate a representative in the Member Information Center

Assign login permissions to a rep

Determine what rep info is seen in the Member Information Center

Manage a Member's Online Listings

Edit Member Public Displayed Contact Information

Edit Member Public Display attributes

Edit Member Public Description

Edit Member Public Photos and Images

Edit Member Search Results Map Information

Member Login name and Password

Select Basic or Enhanced Listing

Set the Redirect Index

Generate Member Info Page URL

Manage Communications

Manage Communication

Record a Phone Call or Note

Send an Email

Create and send a letter or fax

Refer a member using eReferral

What is an eReferral?

Send an eReferral

Edit eReferral email setup options

Create a reminder

Print a single label

Print a label(s)

Download label information

Manage Account Information

Check Current Balance

Edit Renewal Month

Edit Billing contact

Change a Selected Rep 2

Setup automatic recurring credit card or ACH billing

Membership Fees and Dues

Add a New Fee or Due to a Member

Remove or Edit a Fee or Due for a Particular Member

Assign Fee with Start and Stop Date

Invoice a One-Time Item

Transaction History

Viewing transaction history (QuickBooks using CQI)

Transaction History (integrated Billing only)

View Individual Member Stats

View Individual Member Stats

Event Activity


Other Individual Member Reports

Individual Rep Logins

Individual Rep Logins

Creating Rep Login/Password

Sending a mass email invitation to create login account

Create a single login account

Joined Login Names

Rep Login Permissions

Inherited or Custom Permissions

Rep Permissions

Default Permission Sets

Managing Rep Permission Sets

Setting Maximum Permissions

Why Individual Rep Logins

Login Error Messages


Member Management FAQs